Consistently profit from your trading strategies.

Take advantage of an advanced platform built for traders like you. Leave legacy, unsophisticated exchanges to the masses.

Stop trading on platforms built for amateurs.

You've tried crypto exchanges designed for the masses. Take advantage of a platform built for the needs of advanced traders like you.


Conveniently manage operations with P&L and tax reports, 24/7 concierge & more.


Enhance your trading with reliable FIX, REST or WS API and advanced order types.


FIX API and the revolutionary InterFinex Token bring an end to illiquid markets.

And No Manipulation

Being an EU-regulated exchange guarantees you enjoy the highest standards in cybersecurity & transparency. It's you vs. the market and no one else.

Secure FIX, REST, WS API Suite of Advanced Order Types 1-Click P&L Reporting 24x7 Phone Concierge Support Institutional Security Measures

Automate Your Highest-Performing Strategies

With InterFinex you can build sophisticated algorithms to fully utilize our blazing fast FIX API, Web Sockets & REST API that will empower integration of your own trading bots. Your automation and performance data will be synced with our enhanced performance dashboard, so your P&Ls, portfolio and potential taxes are tracked flawlessly.

Enhance Execution with Advanced Order Types

Interfinex is also the first professional crypto exchange with a robust suite of advanced order types built-in, including stop orders, trailing orders, take profit orders, icebergs for high volume trades and other ready-to-go order automation tools.

Most exchanges do NOT offer these features, causing traders to miss out on lucrative trading opportunities or spend all their time monitoring charts 24/7 to react manually. With Interfinex, you’ll have access to advanced order types so you can focus on creating and improving your trading strategies, or other revenue-generating activities.

Boost Your Trading Confidence with Clarity

“What gets measured, gets improved”. That’s why InterFinex has worked hand-in-hand with top crypto traders to create an enhanced performance dashboard that includes: trade profitability reporting, a highly intuitive UI with built-in TradingView charts and portfolio & risk management.

All of these features have one goal in mind – allow you to spend more time on trading and improving your strategies. Forget about manually entering everything into Excel – view all the performance metrics with 1 click.

Reliable, 24×7 Concierge Service

Waiting a week or weeks to get your account verified, problems with a deposit or withdrawal, money gone missing, getting locked out of your account—these are all costly and extremely stressful problems for a crypto trader.

And while not all traders experience them, with InterFinex you’ll have the peace of mind that our world-class concierge team will be available to support you in any way you need—via PHONE and chat (whichever you prefer)—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re committed to customer-service excellence and providing a truly game-changing experience for our demanding customers.

We are a 100% licensed and regulated exchange, and this matters.

Because as you know, manipulation by exchanges is a huge issue. It can cause traders like you to lose out on the most lucrative opportunities.

The only solution to that is to use a regulated, licensed exchange that has its activity closely monitored by the regulators — ensuring an environment of trust and your ongoing safety.

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Measures 

As a regulated exchange, we’re held to the highest standards regarding cybersecurity – which we gladly fulfill.

With (announcing soon) as our wallet & custody provider, you can be certain that the security of your funds is paramount. (They) pioneered multi-signature technology and they safely process over $10B in transactions per month.

What’s more, InterFinex stores 97% of funds in a highly secure offline vault. We also avoid the use of cloud servers – instead, use bare-metal servers in Equinix NYC, just like the ones used by top financial institutions in the world. The core of our platform is built by Modulus, with over 20 years of experience in building exchanges. Thanks to that, we have advanced software that auto-detects rogue trading behavior, anomalies and more. Finally – in case anything goes wrong, our 24×7 concierge is ready to quickly solve any of your problems.

Your Advantage
Secure FIX, REST, WS API Advanced Order Types 1-Click P&L Reporting Incentivised Market Making 24x7 Phone Concierge Support 100% Regulatory Compliant Institutional Security Measures

Why join now?

InterFinex is soon becoming invite-only after the waiting list is filled up.

The higher your position on the list, the earlier you will be able to register. We cannot accept everyone at once.

Join the limited waiting list. Invite-only afterwards!

Join now! Invite-only soon.

Three Tiers of Membership

For detailed requirements, please see the InterFinex Whitepaper.

Technology Built to Deliver the Performance You Demand

Trading engine powered by Modulus Global, a developer of such advanced financial technology products as the MetaTrader 4 Platform, often rated as the most secure trading platform in the world today.

This translates into deterministic delivery and execution times, as well co-location. Simply speaking, when you place an order, it’s almost immediately placed into the order book – reduced delays mean you can lock-in on more trading opportunities, instead of helplessly seeing them escape you.

InterFinex is located in the major financial data center, Equinix. This is especially good for institutional clients because it represents the best possible image, security and trust as well as providing optimal ping/order placement times that allow for HFT.

Three robust APIs – World-class FIX 4.4 for hard-core financial professionals and RESTful/WebSockets for the new-generation developers. All with proper documentation and no throttling.

  • Three robust APIs - FIX 4.4, REST, WebSockets
  • Trading engine by Modulus Global, developers of MetaTrader4, the most secure trading platform in the world.
  • Bare-metal servers in Equinix NY4
  • Deterministic delivery and execution times
  • Co-location available


  • Three robust APIs - FIX 4.4, REST, WebSockets
  • Trading engine by Modulus Global, developers of MetaTrader4, the most secure trading platform in the world.
  • Bare-metal servers in Equinix NY4
  • Deterministic delivery and execution times
  • Co-location available

Equity Program & INFX500

Immediately upon release of the InterFinex FIX token the INFX500 leaderboard will be established. All members of the INFX500 will receive VIP membership status at InterFinex. To stay on the INFX500 one must be in the top 500 FIX token holders.

Those present on the INFX500 list 4 months after launch of the FIX token will be offered a 0.01%* equity stake** in the InterFinex company as recognition for being a major early adopter. Specifications of this equity stake will be decided upon in the near future.

The only 2 requirements for being offered this special one-time equity share are:

• Being on the INFX500 list

• Total trading volume over 1M USD in the previous 4 months (that’s less than 9000 USD per day). 


* As an example, if one owned such a stake in recently sold Poloniex or Bitstamp, it would be worth over $40K USD.

** Which will be converted to trade-able security tokens upon their introduction in Q3 2019 (planned).

Why join now?

InterFinex is soon becoming invite-only after the waiting list is filled up.

The higher your position on the list, the earlier you will be able to register. We cannot accept everyone at once.

Join the limited waiting list. Invite-only afterwards!

Join now! Invite-only soon.

InterFinex Token (FIX)

The InterFinex native utility token – called FIX Token – introduces a revolutionary approach to exchange tokens by applying the work token model. We call it the Flexible Liquidity Incentive. Market makers in effect become service providers on the platform.

To increase liquidity in illiquid markets we’re introducing “variable fees” – paid directly from market takers to makers as an incentive.

Markets where more liquidity is required (there is a shallow order book) have a higher variable fee set (up to 0.15%). That acts as a major incentive for being a maker in that market, as makers receive the entire variable fee. Markets with a lot of liquidity have a lower variable fee. End result: the more liquidity is needed in a market; the more market makers are incentivized – directly by takers.

FIX Tokens secondary functionality is to power the three-tier membership structure of InterFinex.

For more information regarding FIX tokenomics we invite you to look into our Whitepaper.

Traders will pay base (flat) fees as normal (in traded currency), however, they receive FIX tokens in return*, valued at market price (which start at 0.02USD). Market takers are allowed to pay the variable fee in FIX tokens. If they do not own any (or enough), the fee will be paid in traded currency and given to the market maker in FIX tokens. Note – once all tokens have been distributed and Trade Rewards phase comes to an end, variable fees will only be able to be paid with FIX.

Maximum of 500M tokens will be minted. Team, partnership, advisory tokens are held in a smart contract and released as per vesting schedule. Trading of FIX tokens will begin immediately.

* The reward will start at 100% ($100 base fee paid = $100 received in tokens etc.) and will be gradually reduced for optimal distribution. This formula will be used:

Reward percentage = -((X/Y)-1)^5 

Where X – number of tokens distributed to date

Y – total number of tokens for rewards, 325M 

This model of distribution has been extensively tested under various scenarios by statistical modelling. It results in the following:

•       Supply curve closely matching demand (should not many people use the token, distribution will slow down)

•       The complete distribution of the tokens among traders may take as much as 1-3 years, as the reward isn’t linear, it’s a curve – it gets smaller the more tokens are already distributed. 


BTC trade worth 10K USD. Market variable fee rate: 0.05%. 100% reward level.

Market taker: Pays 0.1% base fee – $10 – in BTC. Doesn’t own any FIX tokens, so he also pays the 0.05% variable fee in BTC. Receives base fee ($10) in FIX as a reward.

Market maker: Pays 0.1% base fee – $10 – in BTC. Receives base fee ($10) in FIX as a reward and also receives 0.05% ($5) in FIX as a variable fee.

Meet the Team

Jan Brzeski
Co-Founder, CEO

Tech entrepreneur with successful track record in online marketing, conversion optimisation and scaling, having built a 15-person $1.5M EBITDA digital ad agency. High-volume cryptocurrency trader since 2016, that grew tired of underwhelming exchange platforms and decided to do something about it.

Karl Johannesson
Co-Founder, Chairman

25+ years of solid experience as investor, start-up founder, CEO, M&A expert and adviser to numerous global blue-chip tech corporations, finance institutions, universities (applied research), European Commission etc. across FinTech/media/space/ICT markets in US, Europe, Asia, Russia and Central Asia.

Alex Mitrovich
Co-Founder, CTO

IT Executive & MBA. Built several small and medium size international businesses. Runs blockchain practice at UseTech, a 250+ person software development company. Founding member and ex-VP in the Fortune 500 segment at Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT). Built the first Crypto100 index and other analytical trading tools.

Scott Marinchek
FinTech Expert, Director

30+ years deeply immersed in FinTech informed trading, funds management, capital raising, innovation and M&A. Previously MD of Merrill Lynch & VP at Credit Suisse.

Christian Ferri
Business Dev Director

Former lead at PwC Tech Advisory, Christian is a blockchain and ICO maestro with a vast network of connections. He is the president and CEO of Blockstar, worked with AT&T, Comcast, GE and Symantec and serves on the advisory board of Atari.

Advisory Board

Tilen Sarlah
Trading Automation Expert

Founder, Tradershub

Alex Kravets
FinTech, Trading, Operations

CEO at

Alex Kerya
Marketing & PR

CEO of Incryptico

David Sabo
Statistical Token Modelling

Founding Partner at Symbol Network

Paul Lindsell
ICO, Trading, Operations

CEO at Quazard

Serg Gulko
Trading Technologies, API

CTO at

Join the limited waiting list. Invite-only afterwards!